There are a lot of people who decide to start blogs because they think it’ll put them on the fast track to success. They think starting a blog is the key to becoming an entrepreneur and finally quitting that day job they hate. While blogging can certainly get you there, the amount of people who fail to turn a blog into a full-time business is far greater than the number of those who do. If you want to beat the odds and become one of those successful bloggers, you have to put in the work.

The truth is, it takes time to find success as a blogger. Much more dedication and hard work are involved than many realize. But if you’re looking to create an amazing, thriving blog, it’s totally possible. There are just a few habits you should think about adopting! Today, I’m sharing 12 habits of successful bloggers that you can implement to help you create the best blog possible:

1. They treat their blog like a business.

If you start a blog with the hopes of one day turning it into a business, you should treat it like a business from day one. This is one of the most important habits of successful bloggers. They know what they want out of their blogs and they work hard to achieve those goals. Treating your blog like a business means you commit your time to growing it and making it better, you aren’t afraid to invest money in it, and you take it seriously.

2. They listen to their audience.

In order to create a thriving business, you have to know who your target market is. When you know the type of people you’re trying to reach, you’ll be able to create content, products, and services that are tailored to them. A great blogger knows her audience, listens to what they want, and then delivers it!

3. They post consistently.

You don’t have to post five days a week in order to be successful, but you should develop a blogging schedule that works for you and stick to it. Creating a schedule not only gives you a routine for writing your blog posts, but is also lets your audience know when to expect new posts from you. Successful bloggers know the importance of delivering great content to their audience on a regular basis.

4. They take their time.

Quality content is key! Successful bloggers take their time when writing blog posts and creating products instead of rushing. While it may take longer, it’s much better to spend extra time perfecting your work than it is to rush and put out something that’s mediocre. Your audience deserves only the best!

5. They set goals.

Setting goals is important in many aspects of life, including blogging. When you set goals, you set your sights high and you can create a plan of attack to achieve anything you’d like. The best bloggers set goals for themselves in terms of growth, projects, etc. Maybe they’ve set a goal to achieve a certain number of pageviews? Or perhaps they’ve set a goal to write two new eBooks in the new year. Whatever it is, successful bloggers dream big and they work hard to make those goals a reality.

6. They plan ahead.

Planning ahead makes blogging so much easier. For better blogging, create an editorial calendar so you can plan your blog posts in advance. When you don’t have to spend time wondering what to post, it makes blogging less stressful. A great blogger makes sure to write out an editorial calendar at the beginning of the month and is prepared to write plenty of amazing content.

7. They’re passionate about what they do.

If you want to flourish as a blogger, you need to have passion. The best bloggers are passionate about what they do and you can tell by the effort they put into their blog posts, their products, and their website as a whole.

8. They collaborate.

Successful bloggers collaborate with others, whether it’s another blogger or a brand. Collaborations are a great way to grow your audience, but can also help you build relationships with other people. They write guest posts, team up for webinars, interview each other, and even create products together. Obviously, there are many ways bloggers can team up with each other, but the best ones know that collaborations are a must!

9. They engage with their audience.

Top bloggers know that nourishing their relationship with their audience is essential. Make time to engage with your audience. Successful bloggers encourage them to leave comments on your site by asking questions at the end of your blog posts. Then, they show their audience they’re listening by leaving a response. They also start conversations on social media. Developing those relationships are so important.

10. They know the importance of self-care.

These days it can be pretty tempting to fall into the trap of working all the time. We’re all about the hustle! But a great blogger knows that you need to have balance. They set office hours and shut down at the end of the day to take for themselves and to be with friends and family. Relaxing and clearing your mind is so important.

11. They don’t compare themselves to others.

It’s easy to look around the web and see someone who is “doing better” than you are, but you can’t let that get you down. No matter what, there will always be someone who has more pageviews than you, more followers than you, and makes more money than you. Sorry to say it, but it’s the truth. However, successful bloggers don’t let that stop them. They continue to work on their own websites and achieve their own versions of success. And instead of being envious of someone else’s success, they support them!

12. They are persistent.

Unfortunately, success doesn’t happen overnight! Successful bloggers have learned that persistence is key when trying to make a name for themselves online. Don’t get discouraged if your blog isn’t growing as fast as you’d like. It takes time and dedication to make amazing things happen.

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