To make money from the blog, you need to learn some basic startup strategies. This publication can help you with blogging, ways to earn money, methods for creating a successful blog, and more.

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The idea of making money by writing blogs can be applied to anyone who is proficient in a profession or any subject. As the blog is approached nowadays as a direct business, there are many people who use it as a springboard to create additional revenue for their budget or for a career.
Almost everyone has the opportunity to provide easy access to the Internet in the world. It is very easy and possible to access the internet from homes, offices, schools’ libraries or smartphones.

Now everyone needs to accept that the internet is an integral part of our lives. The Internet is a part of our lives, but blogs, websites, and videos or similar content is a part of the internet.

Blog word means daily. It would not be wrong to say that journals are tools that enable us to record anything related to that day or that day. Computers and the internet before entering our lives in the memories of the people who wrote their memories about the Internet and the computer after the digital platforms moved.

Even though there are still old-age journalists, life coaches even claim that blogging can be useful in some subjects.

How do I do, I’m writing this article right now I find peace. Today I do not tell what I live in a different subject, but as a result, I am writing on a blog platform. Here comes the time when the big changes in the diaries as it is right now, faced with the big change.

Today, blogs (blogs) when you think of any topic on the mind of the author of information or different ideas on the platform comes to mind. There are many kinds of blogs, from travel to makeup, make-up to recipes, finance, and even water sports. This is what makes blogs special, which changes them. The blogs, which are far away from the places where they used to be told, turned into places that provide daily ideas and information about a certain subject.

Those who earn money from their blog are also relatively talented people who have acquired their experience on a particular subject or who can transfer their professional knowledge to their readers. Today, almost everyone can create a blog, create kits and start earning money. Follow the sub-items to learn how to do this.

Listen to the myths that made money from their blogs

I say legends because each of them is the most important author of the field. They’ve won a lot of money from their blogs and even managed to make their blogs a huge media. Some still continued to make money by writing, while others preferred to sell their blogs to larger media outlets.

For example, TechCrunch, one of the world’s top tech and internet blogs, was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. At that time, there was no blog that announced innovations in the field of technology, as TechCrunch had focused on. Being one of the firsts brought great success to TechCrunch and its founders. Five years after the blog was purchased by AOL (American OnLine) for $ 40 million.


Founded in 2003 by Jake Dobkin, the Gothamist provides information about local events and events in New York City. The blog, which reaches a large audience in a short time, earns more than $ 120,000 per month.
Also, Dobkin should not say that he has created local blogs for different cities by taking advantage of his blog’s growth. It’s important to evaluate opportunities.

By creating a free WordPress account and opening a blog called Cheezburger, Ben Huh chooses to blog other images than write them down. He chose to write short articles under each image he chose (just like the caps you know) and soon became the focus of the attention of hundreds of thousands of readers. Of course, his readers also brought him great revenues.

As a result, blogs can be read by people, writers and founders can save money. I want to remind you that what you are reading also a blog. It is also possible to access the success stories of many people who earn money from their blogs on the internet.

1.Learn where to start writing a blog

You have to find something before you start writing. Each of the blogs I’ve just shared with you is preparing publications around a specific topic. Gothamist includes events and local news for a particular city; TechCrunch features web innovations and technology.

Every blog that can be successful is always focused on a specific topic. Therefore, you should have an idea about what to write before you start writing. If you concentrate on a particular subject and deliver publications to your readers around the topic you are concentrating on, it will be inevitable for you to achieve success.

Select any subject you are an expert or experienced. This will give you an advantage as you can produce more on any subject you have knowledge of.
Once you have chosen your topic, you can now open a blog to yourself. If the Internet is a country, we can liken the real estate in the country to web/blog areas.

You need to find a web space to open a blog for yourself. You can buy blogs from popular free web space providers such as WordPress, Blogger, GoDaddy, Google Webhosting, etc., as well as other sites.

The only difference between places where you can open blogs and free blogs is that you will remove your credit card from your pocket. Apart from that, it is very easy to create any blog for both options. There are many Turkish sources available to help you create blogs on WordPress and Blogger. Paid services, such as GoDaddy, provide these resources to you in almost every language, and you can quickly create your blog in just a few clicks.

As soon as you create your blog, you can write articles, share visuals, and start communicating your content to the world. Since there are many similar resources on the Internet, I did not give a detailed explanation about this issue. There are many places to get help. Therefore, I would like to focus on the more important issues that will solve your questions.

2.Determine your method of earning money from the blog

How to make money from blogs Look, this is a beautiful question. You have opened your blog, typed your articles and wonder how you can make money. The source of the problem is very nice.

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There are always several ways to make money from the blog. Many people who make money through their blogs still use these pathways for now. I would like to tell you a little detail in a paragraph because I don’t want to tell you all about it in a paragraph.


I think it’s impossible for you to use the Internet that you don’t come across ads. The most basic source of revenue for websites and blogs are ads. At the same time, advertising in the web world is one of the oldest ways to make money. When you open your blog and start sharing posts, you can post ads on your blog at specific points.

To begin running ads on your blog, you can join between the publishers of ad networks such as Google Adsense, Popcash, and Popads. Each ad network has its own rules and applications. You will already have enough ideas about these rules and practices through the resources that will be available to you when you join an ad network.

Once your participation in an ad network is approved, you can start making money with ads you show to your visitors and qualify for payment on the day of payment.

Sales partnerships

You can also earn money from your blog through affiliate or affiliate networks. Various companies offer a partnership program. The more customers you send to an affiliate company, the more you will be able to earn money in accordance with the pre-determined commission rules. For example, it might be a good idea to establish a partnership with your airline or hotel booking companies for a travel blog. The partnership is now known to be one of the most effective ways to earn money from blogs.
Product sales

You can sell specific products according to your blog topic. You can sell maps or memos for a blog with e-books for education or similar topics, custom design storage boxes for a blog on make-up or a blog with a trip. These are just a few of the ideas I’m thinking of right now. You can sell any product according to the topic of your blog. This is one of the lucrative ways to save you money from the blog.

Sponsored messages

Nowadays, many blogs can receive high amounts of revenue by sending sponsored messages. The only difference between sponsored messages and classic ads is a specific company.

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It is often written about positive thoughts about ka. Thus, when the article is published, this message reaches your audience and acts as publicity and the brand/company makes a payment for it. This is a fairly common method.


Although very common in professional bloggers, particularly the subscription system by blog owners who want to show ads to their visitors abroad are used. In this system, you provide your readers access to content for a certain fee within the monthly and annual plans. You will be able to produce unique content and content that is different than what is available.

Learn what you can earn by typing blog

If I had conversations, I think one of the most sensible questions you have to ask would be de I’ll write a blog but what I’ll earn in return Karşılık. Because I’d like to ask the same question.

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it also has an outstanding side. The clear answer to the question is the number of visitors. The more visitors your blog gets, the more money you can earn. But the amount of money you earn will vary according to how much advertisers are willing to pay for your blog.

I would like to mention about the advertising networks that I say is one of the most classic ways of making money from blogs. When you join an ad network, the amount you earn depends on the number of visitors, advertisers, and the country.

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For example, it is possible to earn between 10 and 30 dollars per thousand visitors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom where the advertisers are more willing to pay more for commercials and between 30 and 90$.

For example, if you generate your revenue model on the sale of your own products, the amount of money you will earn will vary depending on your marketing performance. Of course, the number of visitors will also be important. The more visitors you receive, the higher the number of people you can market your product with, the more revenue you have.

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If I remind you again, whether you want to join ad networks or market your own products, you will earn your money out of factors outside of the country where you do business. How much you work; that is, it will be one of the most important factors that determine how you generate content for the blog, that you create masses and receive visitors. You can also consider using more than one revenue method instead of just using a revenue method. For example, both advertise on networks and work with affiliate programs.

Recognize the sine qua non for a successful blog

You can think of your blog as a newspaper or magazine. As you know, the more newspapers and magazines are sold, the higher the circulation, the more people reach and earn more money.

Then you should be able to reach more readers and ensure that your content, any product or ads you are marketing will be shown to more people.

Today, successful blogs are known to apply various strategies. Mashable, one of the world’s most famous social media news networks and one of the world’s largest blogs, has implemented and succeeded in its own strategies.
Although Mashable currently has dozens of employees, the founder of the blog, Pete Cashmore, was initially alone in this business, and when he first created his blog, he focused on specific strategies.

When Mashable’s archives are examined, it appears that Pete Cashmore focuses on strategies such as creating regular content, focusing on specific issues and preparing publications that will benefit in the long term for his blog. For Mashable, which receives millions of visitors today, it would not be wrong to say that these strategies are simple but effective.

Taking into account that Mashable has received more than 1 million visitors in a short period of 6 months, it is revealed how successful the applied strategies are.


So we should not forget the following; The most important thing for a blog is continuity, you must always give readers something new in continuity. The next important thing is that the content is given in a specific topic.
Remember Mashable, Gothamist, and other successful blogs, and you need to publish your blog’s topic and topic to create mass.

Finally, you need to prepare content that will benefit. If your readers are willing to receive information about a topic, it is important that you give them as much information as you can. If these simple strategies are easily implemented, it will probably not be difficult to increase your audience and readers.

Huffington Post strategies for those who want to set up a news site. Huffington Post, although a news site, although a blog class in the beginning and now started with some successful strategies, I recommend you to take a look at this publication to get different ideas.

Don’t neglect yourself

From the moment you decide to create a blog, everything will begin and you will end. Therefore, it is important to give yourself the importance you are about to give to your blog. At this point, the following advice can help you.

Feed yourself

You need to feed yourself metaphorically all the time. It is useful to read articles or books and follow blog posts that produce similar content. It is easy to think, but it is not easy for anyone to transcribe thoughts or produce content. Even though you will need some time for this, it will make your work easier to read and think.

Be patient

Regardless of what you do, patience is mentioned in an attempt or anything else. It is important to be patient when you create a blog. Bloggers are initially upset that they don’t have enough readers, and many of them just stop writing. Keep in mind that this is patience and time work. Only in the summer, your audience will be formed spontaneously. Today, everyone has social media accounts in various networks, and there are a number of friends around here. You can also share your posts in your social media accounts and encourage your friends to follow your blog. Look, a mass! This is awesome.

Don’t leave disciplined work

It has always been an important necessity to work disciplined to end a job or to ensure the continuity of the work. When you create a blog, set your own strategies and implement your strategies in a disciplined manner. You can consider creating a business plan or downloading it to your computer or smartphone so that you can work discipline.

I tried to talk about the basic starting methods that you can apply to earn money from the blog. You can also share your ideas and send important points. Thanks again for reading what I have to say. If you have questions or comments Please feel free to ask below. Also Please Like, Share , and Follow for all the latest posts.

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