Hello, I’ve often been told that I like to over think things. Everything you can think of I over think. I personally find this to be somewhat true. It’s true, because when presented a problem or a issue comes about the way I start thinking can only be explained as a really long sound that’s really loud. Almost like screaming, to be honest it never stops. Why is this important to this topic? Good question. As many of us have probably seen just about every worse case scenario or at least at some point thought about that end of days time. Whelp myself I’ve thought of every possible worse case scenario you could ever think of. Sounds silly right? Well lets look at a few things.

Please keep in mind this information is not to hurt or harm anyone. This is just my thoughts on a subject that is sorry to say pointless as you will read. So again sorry for anything that might offend you here. Let’s begin….

Your on your way to work, traffic as usual, make it to the office and get all the way to your desk. The man that usually sits next to you is also running a few mins late. He comes in business as usual. Sits down at his desk, pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Now let’s stop right here for a second. Damn what a morning, right? Were you really ready for this? Maybe your still half asleep. Maybe just maybe at the time he came in you in the John….

Probably wondering what happened here. Trust me there is a point here stay with me for a second. I don’t know how you think personally, but lest say since we are all different maybe what I think about is just me but let’s continue shall we. So you weren’t at the John and no Linda was not holding you up at the coffee machine. That’s right your right at your desk, which is right next to the fire. Bang, bang, bang round after round going off. Surprised your still alive. One thing I’d like to ask you. Where does your prepping skills kick in? Ok maybe not the right context. Let’s try again.

Your on your way to work and a Nuke goes off. Not in your city. But one that is close to you and you hear there are more nukes being dropped. It’s only a matter of time they are getting closer. You big out shelter is hours away, hell you might not even have a shelter, gun, food you got nothing. Just yourself. Now this is the part that gets me. But what if you did have all that stuff somewhere but couldn’t get to it? Let’s do another. Trust me should be clear soon if it’s not now.

This time lets change it up. Your at the movies. Been watching a movie for close to a 2 hours ready to get something to eat. You put the key in the car and in the sky can see this bright massive object heading towards the planet. This thing is massive. Odd no one said anything before about this thing. But it’s coming huge bright burning. Your for sure not gonna make it. But you did prep. You have a shelter!!! If you could just make it there. Maybe you wouldn’t be killed.

I’ve pondered every possible thing that could every really happen to anyone. What’s this got to do with any of this. Whelp the point is, why spend you time running around trying to collect this item and build this safety shelter. Many of the things built today, the so called dooms day safe items, shelters, food, etc. I can tell you almost promise you won’t do you any good if you don’t make it to it, survive the aftermath of whatever happens.

When you honestly think about it. Let’s be real, unless your living inside your really huge planet proof shelter, it doesn’t look good for you or me for that matter. Do I feel you should prep? Yes and no. You prep incase something within your control should happen.

Let’s look at one more, A virus is spreading across the world. No one is safe. It was so powerful millions were infected before it was even noticed. You had no idea, no one did. But remember you prepared. Your shelter which your now slowly infecting yourself over and over in is now just like the tombs. Seems you should invest in building your resting place/shelter.Sorry but I did warn you.

I don’t buy into the panic that I’m seeing going on today. Do I prep? Yes I prep realistically. I stock food in case there is a food issue same with water. If I had the money would I buy a shelter? Depends how much money I had!!! I’m not stocking guns and ammo, and don’t get me wrong here I think it’s everyone’s right to own a gun. I see a lot of people today spending a lot of time worrying and trying to be the most prepared. Just want you to see this and ask yourself. Are you over doing it? I mean really, let’s say you made it after all your prepping. Maybe you are alone or maybe you got your family with you. Great so now all of you are lockup somewhere alone with each other.

Now unless you got a breeding plan for people laid out, you and your family won’t make it that long. Again this all goes on does everyone else make it there safely.

Should try your survival skills without any of your gear. I know it’s not generally safe practice. Instead of planning for just one thing to happen try and look and the bigger picture. What really could happen should I move or stay. This is a big one for me I hear and read so many people saying, right after something big was to happen I’m bugging out or running to the woods. Some I’ve seen have a plan incase someone or something should spoil there plans to get to safety. Where if you ask me what I’m doing. Sitting on the couch watching you all run around like chickens with heads cut off. The worst thing to do in a panic in fear situation is to cause more fear and panic. You trying to grab your family and all you survival needs everyone rushing to get to where they think is safe. Come on.

The less noise you make, the less you and your family are seen, and the less anyone can see your prepping habits are, I personally feel the safer you really are.

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