Here is a list of Sites that are still paying in 2019. Few of these sites are setup for daily, instant payments and some have many payout options. Also links available for clicking are referral links. Many of the sites listed offer something for signing up and something for referrals. I myself have seen many of these same sites posted on many other places, although I do not recall ever seeing them all in one place like this. Now don’t get me wrong everyone wants to get rich, these sites may not help you become rich but one thing they will do is allow you to make money Today!!! I say you won’t become rich, because lets face it I don’t know your spending habits. So lets get right into this.

First off has to be for me , One of the best survey sites I think, with instant payouts to PayPal and Bitcoin. Also they have more to do than surveys,videos and offers. I’ve added a link to get you there to sign up now. – – –

Would like to move on to the next one has to be Swagbucks. I personally make 50 a month just watching videos. They also have surveys, offers, trials and offer many payment options. Now I’ve noticed with Swagbucks does not have a instant option. Still payment options are many from gift cards to e cards. I’ve added a link to them below.

Swagbucks – – –

Alright moving along looneycash is one of my favorite Paid to click sites. I’ve been trying this site for a few weeks now and to be honest if I had to choose between surveys and paid to clicks I’d probably click all the time. This site also has other things to do as well like offers and videos. Payouts to PayPal. I’ve added a link to them below.

Looneycash – – –

Next up we have dollarclick. This site has offers and surveys. This site also offers many payout options from gift cards to PayPal and e card. I’ve added a link to them below.

Dollarclick – – –

Next on the list is going to be inboxdollars. As far as I can remember this site has been around. One thing sticks out most about this site to me is while your cash outs are higher. To cash out with inboxdollars have to have 30 dollars. Once you cash out they give you 3.00 back into your account. Really good place for surveys, offers and videos. I’ve added a link to the below.

Inboxdollars – – –

Next up we have rewardingways. This site is almost like Has same payout options with instant daily payouts. Can complete surveys, offers, videos and tasks. Has to be another best site to complete surveys if you ask me. I’ve added a link to them below.

Rewardingways – – –

Next we have offernation. This site to me is also setup same as You’ll notice on this site and last site if you’ve been to why I was say they are setup some what the same. Instant daily payouts. I’ve added a link to them below.

Offernation – – –

Alright we are getting towards the end. Next we have paid2youtube. This site pays you to watch YouTube videos. Also they will sell you ad space and get you views on your videos. I’ve noticed this site while it is not as you think I’m going to just watch YouTube all day. This is not the case, they will show you videos from people wanting to get there video out so some days you could watch 5 videos some day more. I’ve added a link to them below.

Paid2Youtube – – –

Alright and I guess you could say I’ve saved the best for last. Perktv, which ever you wish to call it. We can call it I say this cause if you go there they not only show you other options to make money with a smart device. But it to me is more setup for a smart phone. Once on the website can see there are other options to earn money can download perktv and watch live tv and earn or download perkwordsearch or can complete offers. This site has many options to earn with payment options being gift cards and e cards. I’ve added a link to them below.

PerkTv – – –

Want to Thank You for checking out any of these great online money making opportunities for 2019. And one last part as I said in the beginning while you may or may not get rich from any of these sites just keep positive and I’ve noticed a little bit here a little bit there on this or that site adds up. Good luck and HAPPY EARNING!!!

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