Collaboration between product owners and those who want to earn online commissions has emerged as a sector called affiliate marketing. Those who want to apply the system can learn a little bit of work, but competition can bend your waist. Meanwhile, the system has settled as our sales partnership.How can you succeed in affiliate marketing for free: 

What is affiliate marketing? 

You do not advertise your products on the internet. Thanks to these ads, you are given commission for each product sold. Your action is called affiliate marketing. 

Let me open up a little more for you to understand the subject:

 Product owners (companies) 

Firms add products or services for sale to the brokerage site. Any company can work with affiliate marketing and even increase their market share significantly. Each firm determines a specific commission for its sales partners according to its profit margin. 

Agent sites 

Sites that collect product owners and sales partners under the same roof are called affiliate network. These intermediary sites are responsible for providing the financial infrastructure and the technical infrastructure that constitute the system. Product owners add products to the vehicle site. The sales partners are free to mediate any of these products. 

The brokerage site uses proprietary software to track sales made by sales partners. Special advertising links are given to sales partners to identify their chosen products. Thanks to these special advertising links, sales are easily tracked. It is free to subscribe to agent sites. Payments of sales partners are regularly made by intermediary sites. 

Sales partners 

Sales partners can see how much commission each product has on the brokerage sites, and can choose products by taking care of their interests accordingly. They advertise products by blog, social media or ad channels such as Adwords. 

For each product sold, they earn money at the previously proposed commission rate. Partners do not assume any responsibility for the products. The only tasks are to do the advertising. 

My site is exactly between the three mentioned above. 

 The system is extremely simple. Here you find the customers who will buy the products you need to do. This is a must for advertising. Now, let’s explain how to make affiliate marketing, in terms of substances. 

  1. To prepare the necessary infrastructure for advertising 

I’ve included the three most preferred ad strategies below, but you should know that the most efficient one is blogging. It is also possible to develop different strategies.

1.1. Open a blog 

The most appropriate infrastructure for advertising is to open a niche (targeted audience-oriented) blog. Completely customer-oriented blog sites can give extraordinary results with affiliate marketing. Blogs that include agenda, news or general topics are not eligible for a partnership. 

If you want to open a blog for affiliate marketing, all you have to do is; to think like a customer. Think like this; What kind of search would you make to buy shoes? The keywords you use to search here give you a clear idea of the blog topic. 

After opening the blog, you need to prepare promotional articles for the products. In these promotional articles, by linking the advertising links of the products you sell, you are directing the potential customer to the sales page without any responsibility. 

Because the ad links contain your ID number, every sale, or even an instant click on each click. You can follow all these at any time from the panel assigned to you by the brokerage site. 

1.2. Social media 

All social media platforms that are easily available to people, especially Facebook, are suitable for sales partnerships. We show here examples of Facebook fan pages. I will then make the necessary explanation for other social sites. 

It is quite important to act as a blog page when opening a fan page for affiliate marketing, but it is very difficult to appreciate industry fan pages. Keep in mind that even if you’re considering using Facebook to make money, people use it just for a little fun. 

So we need to think more focused on the followers here. Some humor, football or something. If I say I can handle the job, of course, the first choice should be to open the sales-oriented fan page. 

When the fan page you have opened is satisfactory in terms of followers, sharing the advertising links of the products with certain intervals will enable you to make sales. An ordinary fan page requires at least 100,000 active followers to partner with. 

1.3. Paid advertising services 

With Google Adwords, it is possible to spot potential customers. Of course, there’s a price. Projects to be run on such platforms that are advertising for a fee must be carried out very meticulously. 

If you have a good money on it, don’t touch it. But the gain melts in the face of advertising costs, and even if one is weak, the ship is taking water. Obviously, affiliate marketing with paid advertising services requires experience. 

It is possible to advertise directly to areas such as Adwords with the advertising links allocated to us and a few words. When you are made unconscious, it is inevitable that you will be economically hurt. Because you have to pay money from your pocket to advertise here. There is also a certain capital requirement for advertising. 

Reach potential customer 

If you have enough advertising volume to reach your potential customer, the sales partnership works like a mint. 

This is the main factor that saves money in this system. People who don’t know what you’re looking for, just hanging out at the computer for fun don’t earn you five money. Well, how can we tell if we have not seen the person in front of us, that he wants to shop or he is a potential customer? 

Actually, it’s very simple. As I mentioned above, the best tactic to catch a potential customer is as simple as thinking about a customer. You can perceive it as empathy or substiute. 

While many people are very popular with the blog site, they have to make do with funny figures on earnings. The point is that they actually make the mistake at the beginning, just open the blog in order to attract only visitors. Empty visitors do not make any sense in projects such as affiliate marketing. I would like to explain this with an example; 

Let me be an ordinary blog site that pokes you about everything. This blog has 350 articles and 20,000 visitors per day. 

You get a blog site on the fashions of shoes. This blog only has 20 articles and you have only 2 thousand visitors per day. 

In such a case, you have the chance to earn more money than me. The reason is that even if you only have 2,000 visitors, each one is a potential customer. We have visited your blog site for the purpose of buying shoes. 

All you have to do here is to make a partnership with a shoe manufacturer offering qualified products. If the products are qualified and you have experience in advertising, one in 100 visitors will buy your shoes by clicking on your ad link. Here I am talking about writing good advertising articles. 

Under these conditions, you will be an intermediary for 20 sales of 100$. The worst case is that if the advertiser has paid 10% commission for each sale, the daily earning will be 200$. It is possible to accomplish this with a simple blog that takes only 2 thousand unique visits per day. 

Product selection 

Even though earnings are focused on targeting strong advertising and potential customers, the quality of products to be partnered is another decisive factor. Two factors should be considered when choosing a product.

Commission rate 

Each company offers a specific commission considering its own costs and interests. The decisive factor here is more about product quality. The result is, of course, the cost of producing qualified products. Naturally, quality products, as cost increases, give slightly lower commission than ordinary products. 


The quality of the products is the decisive factor that you should keep in the forefront when choosing the commission. This is because brand products give people confidence. Even if an ordinary product gives 20% commission, the brand may leave more profit with a 10% commission on a product. Because there will be an obvious difference between sales rates. 

When choosing a product, these two play a decisive role and it is not difficult to measure the difference. To measure this, a separate ad campaign is organized for each product, and those who are earning less earnings remain in the class. 

Affiliate marketing has been popular among ideas for online earnings for many years, because it is lucrative and flexible. On the basis of trading, advertising and being a little technical, the system makes it reliable. It is also a method of making money from a free internet, since it does not impose any responsibility on the publisher, even if it is on the basis of trade. 

What is the logic of the affiliate marketing system? 

A partnership is a kind of marketing strategy that many companies use to sell their products (no matter physical or digital) and to increase their market share. 

Partners are affiliated to affiliate networks where they can find thousands of products together or directly to the websites of the companies that want to market their products with this system, and they make promotional efforts through the special advertising links given to them. Since these special links contain codes that recognize partners, any successful sales that will occur through them will give you a certain amount of commission. 

Affiliate marketing is a very common online trading model that is now included in the marketing strategy of many companies. Companies in this system interests; more sales and of course the larger market share can be explained. In terms of individual entrepreneurs, the opportunity to start work without capital and with the minimum risk is one of the ways to make money from the internet that makes the most, it is attracting a lot of attention. 

Now let me try to explain how the system works. Let us assume that you have a popular Facebook page and think that this page has something more appealing to women. Since your page has content that women are interested in, the target audience here is women. Anyone who knows that we have no chance of marketing shaving kit for women should already know! 

With the affiliation of affiliate marketing, the goal of making money from the internet is to target the potential customer. Ladies are already more active in shopping for the partnership to hundreds, even if you find thousands of products you will find difficult. Any product such as perfumes, makeup materials, shoes, bags or dresses is ideal for your Facebook page. 

How to find partners 

I explained here how to find products you can partner with. You can find popular affiliate networks and the brands that offer the most attractive commission rates. If you sign up for one of these affiliate networks, you have access to all products. 

Each product has its own sales page and it is obvious how much commission you will get per sale. After you become partners with those who are likely to be sold, you need to share your promotional links on your Facebook page. This is just what you need to do. 

Of course, Facebook is not the only option for advertising. Other social sites, blogs, forums or advertisements such as Adwords can be used to advertise sales through advertising. 

People who click on the ad links you share are directed directly to the product’s sales page, and if the buyer buys the product, the commission will be processed in your account. Thus, the commissions you earn from each sale will be accumulated in your account and will be transferred to your bank account that you specify every 15 days. 

You don’t have to pay any price to become a partner, and you can easily identify the best-selling products by trial and error. 

The secret of making money by making a partnership; is to reach the target audience. 

Entrepreneurs who manage to reach potential customers in the affiliate marketing system are making money like crazy. It is important to choose the right products and reach people who are likely to buy them. 

You can’t sell socks to someone who is interested in ornamental plants. This is the same in blog sites. If you have a blog site about potted flowers or ornamental plants, you still have a topic for women here, but the situation here is a little different. 

Yes, your blog content is completely appealing to women, but the purpose of visiting your blog is different. It’s probably the purpose of the visitor to reach such a blog site, to get information about the potted flowers or even to buy if there is a kind of flower that you like. What you need to do here, within the body of flower pots, including hundreds of ornamental plants to be a sales partner to a company. is an online trading company that accepts a sales partner and can receive a 25% commission on every sale made via your link. It’s easy to find a sales partner that matches the content of your blog or Facebook page. The companies that trade on the Internet are much less cost than the resident enterprises. Therefore, paying high commissions to sales partners does not reduce profits. 

How much does affiliate marketing cost? 

The commission rates paid to the affiliates can reach 25% in physical products and 75% in digital products. Digital products; English or different language training sets, various computer programs or courses, web site training, e-books, such as products can be downloaded directly to the computer. They can pay very high commissions to the partners because they do not incur costs after being produced once. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most valuable individual entrepreneurial opportunities in the world. As someone who earns money by applying this system, I have more information to share with you. 

For now, you understand the logic of the system. It’s worth mentioning that I am ready for all kinds of support from the comment section. If the system has not yet taken shape in your mind, do not attempt any further investigation. In addition, it requires experience in advertising by advertising advertising

If you do not have the experience to balance the income-expenditure balance, you can be hurt. That’s why you can partner with tiny budgets before the product. Remove the feasibility report. Thus, you determine the profit potential of the products by determining which products offer the potential. 

Thank You again for reading what I have to say and I hope this information helps you. Please remember to Like, Share, and Follow for all the latest information.

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