How to make money with a blog for Beginners Step by Step:

I would like to give you the good news that it is possible to make money from the blog without cheating. Yes!!! You can also get a serious sense of your blog by typing. But how? How can I make money by writing a blog? I will give you the answer to all of these questions without using technical terms to confuse you. In this article, it doesn’t matter If you don’t have knowledge about it. All you have to do is read this article patiently to get started right now.

Good news!!! I also do not know about web design or graphic design. If you do not know my side to be heralded; I’m making money from my blog. Don’t worry if you’re not interested in web design. You don’t have to do research on this. You don’t need an unusual design with many different images to make money from the blog. On the contrary, simple design will save you more visitors and more money.

How do I start to be a Blogger, how do I do it? maybe you haven’t been able to open your blog for a month or months? If you knew the order of operation, you would have set up that blog page. So don’t make any excuses for yourself. I will share such a resource with you that you will be able to set up your block quickly, individually, step by step, and supported by visual expressions.

You now have a blog page. Let’s go to making money

Step 1 Topic for your Blog.

Specify a specific topic for your blog. You cannot play any wire from any wire. Hundreds of blog journeys went bad with the title of everything about life. If you have a subject on your block, it’s a visitor. If he has a visitor, he’ll inevitably win. For this reason, you can write a topic that you can write regularly. If you love cars, write a blog on cars. Topics can be reproduced unlimitedly. Photography, travel, fashion, health, education, socialism, personal development, economy, career etc. Choose the topic that you understand best and constantly share articles about your topic.

Step 2 Choose an identity.

Give your block an identity. Identity? So, design your own logo. Designing a logo is not as difficult as you think it is, and you can easily do it yourself. My advice is to use Logaster. Logaster is an online service for creating logos and corporate identity elements, and you can easily create a professional logo in minutes. The logo creation process does not require any technical skills. Just enter the name of your blog site or your brand and select the topic (or business type); Logaster will also offer different logo options. With this service, you can download a small size logo that is FREE for your website or blog. It definitely works

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article: You do not need unusual design. How simple design means easy access. The best search engine in the world, even the logo of Google, consists of 6 ordinary color points. What is important is that it is unique to you.

Step 3 Write Articles On Something you like.

Write three to four articles. The articles you write should aim to benefit the reader. For example, I’m talking about a method that can save you money in this article. You should also choose a good topic to write, decide what do you want to write about? There are lots of categories you can start with travel, cars, finance, food. Of course, I’m saying three or four articles as a starting point.

After putting the foundation on, our main job is to write only the article. Writing one article per day, two or three articles a week can give you serious income. Do not hurry. This is a process. Sometimes you get 2 months and sometimes 12 months. If you open a blog in the hope that you’ll earn nice money from today, you will probably run away with all your disappointment. So you have to be patient in the gain section.

Be aware of some important issues when writing, including your first article.

How to write a satisfying article? Do your research. I will create an article for you on this subject.

Let me briefly talk about:

Each article should have at least one visual. The photo you add to your article, in short, increases the interest of the visual content reader. You’ll also earn visitors by taking part in google visual searches.

Your article will benefit the reader. Be in the logic of “I don’t know that, I would like to teach you this too“. Because visitors will never care about your ego at all. If you’re reading this article to get the information you’re looking for, remember that all other internet users also read the article in the same logic.

The articles you write should be original. If you copy and paste from other sites, uncle google attracts your ear and throws you to the most recent pages. Google has an algorithm that can detect it. Duplicate Content (copy content) Don’t doubt it. The best thing is that the articles you write will be saved from the fear of being stolen. Let them play. People who copy and paste your articles are going backward in their search results. This allows you to place more front pages.

Remember to break up long articles. Paragraphs, subheadings, items etc. will make your article more streamlined.

When you start a blog you should avoid these.

Step 4 Social Media.

You now have an uncompromising block with a simple design. And he has his own logo. The queue came to social platforms. Immediately create your blog’s facebook page, twitter page, and google plus page. If there are other social platforms you like, create a page there. On the pages you create, you don’t have to share anything until the morning. It is enough to share the title and address of the articles you publish over time.

Step 5 Power of Social Media.

Add share buttons below your articles. Shares on social media allow you, high visitors. Today, 90% of big companies have received the support of social media. Every brand has facebook, twitter, the etc. page on the social sharing platform. You must have it. It is important that the articles you write should also be shared on social media. This is the key How to start a blog and make money.

Step 6 Email listing.

Subscribe to a service where you can create an email subscriber list, such as Feedburner. When your visitors share their email address, the articles you just wrote go to them as a notification. You can use this email list for your different promotions later. The sensitive point here is to send an email as often as not to disturb visitors. Send e-mail once or twice a week. I usually send emails once or twice a week. Therefore, no visitor will ever regret sharing your email address. On the contrary, he is interested in my new article and visits again.

Step 7 Google AdSense .

You have placed a specific order and have written more than ten articles. Go now to Google AdSense account. Google’s click-based advertising service. Moreover, ads related to the topics you type are shown. You don’t have to do anything extra for that. Ads are automatically displayed by Google after integrating the Google AdSense code into where you want your blog to appear.

Depending on the visitor’s interest, you will see different ads appearing depending on your blog topic. After reaching a certain number of visitors per day, follow the increasing AdSense income every month. You’ll earn a coin around 0.30 cents per click. Do not underestimate. Because currently the most powerful source of income you are in Google AdSense ads.

Listen to Google’s recommendations when placing AdSense ads. Do not strangle the page with advertising. To benefit the visitor is a priority for the first visitor to the visitor should not feel himself in the business. In such a case, Google Adsense will not approve of your cooperation.

Step 8 Comments are İmportant.

Allow comments on your articles. You’ll get more comments if you have a simple review panel. Any comments made to any of your articles means that your page has been updated and will be re-indexed by Google. At the same time, every comment will give you a piece of additional information, so that on google searches, your page may be shown just by identifying a word in the comment. In short, every comment follows new visitors.

Step 9 Be Patient.

The last step is to wait. Wait for the offer. Let visitors come. Wait, click on the ads. If you were able to create a quality blog, let someone notice you.
Be sure to add a realm About ”and“ Contact ”page to your blog. There will be people/organizations who want to know you and want to contact you. If you want to evaluate future business partnership offers, you need ”About” and anız Contact or page. Again, I need to give the closest example. Just a few days ago I got a proposal for writing from the x agency. They first visited my blog and then read a few articles and wondered who I was. now we are working together for 3 years.


So far we have created a blog profile with a simple design, identity and sharing original articles. We have provided social media integration. We gave people the freedom to comment. We have created an email subscriber list. We are a member of Yazarkafe etc. platforms. We’ve placed our Google ads. Everything is nice and as it should be. Actually, it’s enough. After that, just write and share the article.

I hope you liked this ( how to make money with a blog for beginners) If yes please leave a comment.

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