Today we are gonna be talking about Manifolding or Main-lining. which ever you prefer to call it. Main-lining is a training technique that has gained lots of popularity in recent years. It sometimes also goes by the name “manifolding” or even “fluxing.” The ultimate goal, like with other techniques, is to train your plant into making better use of the grow space, coaxing it into producing higher yields.

When properly executed, main-lining will permit you to grow indoors just like you would with a ScrOG net, only without the net. This is a blessing in tight grow spaces. With that said you can see why I have decided to do a little manifolding myself. So lets take a look at what we are talking about.

Now generally everyone grows Traditional. As you can see in photograph Main-Lined seems to have more going on for it. Now I will tell you one thing, this will add some time to the growth cycle due to the training. With that said in the end it to me is still worth it.

So how do we even start this processs. Good question. Now since we are Main-Lining we really want to wait till the plant has at least 5 nodes, let’s take a look at the next picture.

Now as you can see in picture 5 nodes this will make sure your plant will have the best chances of making it through this. Remember plants have feelings too and this type of stress on any plant can be the end of it. I don’t want to panic you just saying if you were a doctor would you be rushing in to cut something. Now when you make the first cut should use clean razor or something just as sharp. When cutting your gonna cut just above the 5th node. This will stop the plant from growing like a Christmas tree and more like the plant with massive arms. So your plant should look something like this now.

Alright now that we’ve done that part, this next step some people wait a few days to give the plant time to heal, some people move on and rip that band-aid off now. Me personally I do not wait just felt I should advise this step just so you know there is no real rush here. So in the next picture.

We’re gonna be removing everything below to two top main nodes. Don’t worry more are going to grow back. This is now the start to see the Main-lining process. As each day goes by you’ll see new grow just at the top of the plant. It is here that we want to start to tie the plant down to the container. See next photo.

Now as this plant grow it will make more nodes. This is where the Main-Lining gets its name. As these two arms grow, wait till there are at least 3 to 4 nodes on each. You will the top at the node to get another two nodes to grow from that spot. Each time you do this you are doubling the amount of nodes/colas. So from just 2, we will get 4 , from 4 we get 8 and so on and so on.

Has just 2
Now we have 4
Till you get to this

Here’s a video of the plant and tent.

As you can see in the picture/video above this plant has many nodes. Now also as you can see this is a 4×4 grow tent, so you can get a idea as to why I want to grow like this and not as I said before a Christmas tree look. This will allow me to get more colas and allow my plant to get more light.

A few things to take away from this. Growing cannabis is rather easy once you know a few tips and tricks. The big thing to keep in mind is not to rush the plant. Some strains don’t act well to any kind of stressful training while others will laugh at you and keep on growing.

I’ve attached a link on (Setting Up Your Own Grow Tent) I hope you find this information helpful Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you have below. Thank you and as always Please make sure you Like, Share, or Follow.

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