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Hello, today we’re gonna look at the website If your looking for a way to make some cash from home or really anywhere then this is gonna be the site to help make that happen. has a few ways in which you can make some easy money. Can do survey’s, complete offers, there is even a spot to watch videos. All of this can be done from a smartphone or computer. You can watch the video below to see the site and how to earn on

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Now I will tell you, I’ve personally seen a difference in the way the surveys are laid out on a smartphone compared to a computer. Also, you may even get more surveys because you’re using a computer. Although you will still get surveys from your smart devices, just don’t want you thinking a computer is required.  

Alright so lets take a look at how much I’ve personally made. 

As you can see we have made a little something. Now I show you this to ensure you this is not a waste of time and also that you will get paid. Now since we are on getting paid. They can pay you with PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. With the PayPal option, you get two options on how you get paid. First is an unlimited withdraw minimum $1.00 to collect. There is some wait usually this type of payment might be paid out 3 to 4 times a day. Next is an instant payout. It can be up to $50.00 a day. And best part it is as it says instant, zero wait.  

So let’s look at a few of the ways I was saying we can earn money.  

So this is an offer page for Adgate. As you can see they have some really nice point paying offers. The points are paid at a rate of 1 point = 0.01. There a more places other than Adgate.

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I must warn you to make sure you are reading the offers fully. Some may something as simple as confirming your email before you get paid. And some might have a reoccurring charge, like if the offer was something like dollarshaveclub. Just keep that in mind when doing offers.  

Next up is video offers. This is probably the easiest way your gonna find other than paid to click.  

As you can see from photo above, there are a lot of options. Not only can you choose what type of content you view there is also more than one option of places to choose from. I personally will flip through many of these videos a day.  

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Next we’re gonna look at a survey section. 

This is the daily survey section. It is always loaded with new surveys. Best part about this section, you can see the amount the survey is gonna pay before you begin. It will also tell you about how long it takes to complete. Should keep in mind this is not the only option on the site for surveys. I’m showing this one, because as you can see from photo above you just click the survey and it is always loading new surveys.

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Now there are a few in this daily section that might say you can only complete two surveys with them a day. Remember read anything on screen before you just click through. This keeps you not only informed but your not left wondering what did I just do. A little side tip. If your gonna do surveys it wouldn’t hurt try and keep a record of the number of the survey, this way can always look back. I personally do not do this, just something I see a lot of others doing figured I’d share. 

With 826891 members they have paid out as of today 2,235,081.27. This site doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Within the past few months, they have continued to keep making changes to the site. And they’re always adding new sections. I honestly think it is gonna be one of your top earning places for many years to come.  

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Thank you again for reading what I have to say and I wish you the best of luck in your earnings. Make sure you remember to Like, Share, and Follow. 

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