I enjoy eating raw tomato dipped in sugar, they aren’t just delicious but filled with essential nutrients that can enhance your health.

Instead of rushing to a store, you can have a bumper harvest of tomatoes.

Who doesn’t love to grow surplus tomatoes in the backyard? You don’t have to be an expert to do so, just place these 8 things in tomato hole before planting them.

8 Things to Keep in Tomato Planting Hole to Grow Juicy and Sweet Tomatoes

#1 Baking Soda

Spraying baking soda at the base of your tomato plant will help to obtain sweeter tomatoes. Acidity in the soil will be lowered by this home available ingredient by making tomatoes sweeter and less sour.

If you’re planning to grow tomatoes in a container, then you must check this point you must try baking soda to grow the surplus amount of this fruit or vegetable.

#2 Fish Heads

It’s not a myth! Using fish heads that are filled with a rich amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have proven to grow endless tomatoes.

After decay, fish head releases essential trace elements that help your garden. Dig 1 foot deep and throw the fish head into it. More on planting with the fish head is here.

#3 Eggshells

Instead of throwing eggshells you can actually sprinkle the crumbled eggshells around the seedling.

Calcium present in eggshell helps to grow tomatoes and acts as a natural fertilizer for the soil.

#4 Aspirin

Along with tomato seedling, drop two aspirin tablets in the hole. According to this article, aspirin water increase germination and improve immunity to fight plant diseases

Also, aspirin helps to increase tomato plant size and increase its yield.

#5 Banana Peel

The rich amount of phosphorous in banana peels impacts the growth of tomatoes. Drop two banana peels in the tomato planting hole and you’ll notice a positive effect on your vegetable garden.

#6 Epsom Salt

Gardening experts say that tomato plants suffer from magnesium deficiency. Epsom salt is rich with magnesium.

So, adding 1 tbsp of Epsom salt will provide the required amount of mineral to your plant.

After transplanting the seedling in the bottom of the plant hole, cover it with a thin layer and spread Epsom salt to make sure roots don’t touch Epsom salt.

#7 Used Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw leftover used coffee grounds, instead put it into the tomato plant hole and you’ll not regret it.

It acts as a natural fertilizer and can protect your plant from weed and slugs.

#8 Bone Meal

Keep a ½ cup of bone meal in the tomato plant hole as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus. This organic compost will provide favorable conditions to grow the roots of your tomato plant.

How to Keep These 8 Things in Tomato Plant Hole?

Dig Deep Hole and place all these things into it. Now cover it with 2in  of soil to avoid direct contact of soil with these elements.

Water the plant regularly, but don’t make it soggy. Make it moist by watering it frequently.

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