Hello, Today we are gonna be talking about grow tents. The reason I’m making this is in case anyone was wondering as to the things I’m using. Now if you’re just starting out I must say Welcome, I hope I’m able to show you a few things I’ve picked up alone the way.

Ok, so first things first. We are gonna need a Grow Tent. A few things I want to throw out there to you now is this. Where do you plan to set this up? How big is the area you wanna use? And keep in mind we are indoors, height is going to play a huge factor into what kind of cannabis you want to grow.

So with that said there are already a few options in size we can pick from. I personally use a 4 x 4 and about 8ft tall. With this size, I’m able to grow about 4 to 6 plants nicely. Now they have sizes 24″x24″48″, 32″x32″x64, 36″x36″x72″, 48″x24″x60″, and 48″x48″x80″.

With all these sizes to choose from, you should be able to find somewhere to set this thing up. I’ve posted a photo below of the tent I’m using. With a link to buy it in different sizes.

Alright, so the next item we are gonna need is some lights. Plants can’t grow without right. So when it comes to lights we have a few choices here. What I mean by this is a few things, One some lights get hotter than others. Some take more energy. Some even hit different light spectrums. This again does seem like a bit much at times so let’s look at a few things. Let’s say you get the 24″x24″x48″ tent, you really don’t want to be using something that is gonna get really hot. So with that said let’s move on.

Lights, as I was saying we have a few choices here. First is going to be HPS, HPS stands for high pressure sodium. This particular light stimulates plant growth by diffusing the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is ideal for the whole process of photosynthesis. Keep in mind you need at least 600w or more to get nice buds and good growth of the plant. 1000w gets really hot and is pretty much blinding, do not stare at your lights. These lights get really hot, and best to change out after each time you grow. Next, we’ve got an LED grow light. LED lights are really good on power usage. And they do really great at not getting hot. I personally have yet to use LED lights. Next, we have T5 grow lights. These lights also do not get as hot as HPS but do get hotter than LED. These lights are a really good starter setup if you are just starting out. Can get really close to the plants and not have to worry about are you burning them. Links to the lights are below.

Ok so next we’re gonna need some fans. The fans help move air around and help builds the plant’s strength. This important when we are wanting to grow the biggest buds possible to have a strong plant that can hold them. Keep in mind growing indoors we do not have the power of the sun we are making our own sun we also need to add other things to create the right environment for the plants to do there best. So here is a link to some great fans, they attach right to the tent frame so they’re not in the way.

Next, we need to talk about the intake and the exhaust. These are just as important as any other part of this. It’s important for a few reasons intake when the tent is closed we need a way to get clean fresh air into the tent. and exhaust we need to take out the hot bad air. And at some point when the plant begins to smell, we don’t want that smell getting out. So with that said I’ve listed a fan for intake and one for exhaust.

Side note while you’re there getting the fans and intake/exhaust, should pick up timers and one other little thing you will take me for later, the fan speed controller.

Well, we are almost done here. This tent project was really fun for me and I hope it is as much fun for you. So the last few products we need now are gonna be. Some kind of container and some soil to get us started. With the container, I like to use the Heavy Duty 300G Thickened Nonwoven Plant Fabric Pots with Handles. This allows me to be able to move the plants when needed and provides some extra air to the root area. As for the soil I personally have been using FoxFarm FX14047 2-Cubic Feet FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil. This soil I have found has everything the plants when starting out to when they are full grown. Really great products FoxFarm makes.

Depending on how you grow your plants you may also need a net. This also gives your plants more to hang on to. And for the one last thing, your gonna need something to cut and hang that baby once you’re done right. So I’ve included links to those products as well.

Whelp that about covers it. I really hope you enjoy setting up your own grow tent as much as I have. Also, should you have any questions or comments Please feel free to do so below. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best in growing the best and biggest buds.

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