Hello, today we are going be talking about how much space should you use for your plants. When growing outside this is rather easy to figure out. When indoors it can get tight depending on your plants type and space you have to use. When outside I find it best to layout where my plants are going before I do any planting. Also depending on how many you can grow will also play into how much space you might need. Let’s take a look at the spacing in this photo.

As you can see here in the photo above, these plants have enough space for them to grow and I can walk down past each one and do whatever I might need to do with that plant. Again this all comes down to how much space outside do you have, that you could put up a fence and start growing. As you can also see in the back of photo these plants got so tall had to get tarps to keep people from seeing. Lets take a look at another angle.

As you can see in this photo, there is more space for the plants to grow. There is no cage around this setup which does allow me freedom to get inside the plant, one downside I’m noticing is with the cage around the plants it gives it something to hold onto during windy times. In all it really comes down to a few things, costs, how much space outside do you have, and what kind of plant you have.

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