Hello, today we are gonna be talking about how to get your hustle on. This could be for extra income or just something to waste some time. Now a good thing to keep in mind is to make money sometimes we had to spend money. I want to explain something about that I personally have had to what I call float a bill till the job was done. Is this risky? For sure it is. But let’s look at the ramifications of not floating a bill. Maybe your now trying to do the job without, might not even finish, or the worst never get started. So with that said let’s move on.

My first idea to get you some extra cash in your pocket is. Start a small pressure washing company. Many times this can be done with little money if you have a pressure washer or can get one rather cheap this is a nice way to make money. Many people pay for some to do pressure washing of decks, patios, fences and if your any good at panting can pressure wash the area before your start painting.

Which leads me to the next side hustle to get you more money. Do you like to paint? Have you heard anyone ever say man I need to get this room painted. Whelp I’m usually that guy that does a room or two. I’ve had some customers see the work I do inside and go you know what just pain my whole house. Now one thing I’d like to say here is when it comes to money and work, let’s be honest here if you do great work the only real question is how much would it take for you to do it. This is important because you should keep in mind there is always someone somewhere who would do same job if not better. I find when I look at these jobs like this not only does it allow me to set prices by customers and I don’t want to be rude here but let’s say your working for someone grandmother. If she’s on a fixed income but has the paint there’s no way your gonna get $100.00 a day out of that job. But you set a more realistic price and I promise you she’s gonna show that work to someone else who just got your name.

Next up Small Roof Repairs. Depending on your area roofing is a huge job market. Hammer and a few nails and your just about ready to get this job started. I usually find when after the storms or really windy days this is usually when I make the most. You can usually spot the damage from the curb of most houses. Sometimes can spot the wear and tear. The trick is to look professional and know what your talking about. Good lines to start with is I bet you have signs of water damage and I don’t have to come in and tell you what area of the house it’s in.

Another top earner for me is Thrift Store Resale. This is one of those ones I was telling you about on floating the bill. I know your thinking but what if items don’t sell? Many places allow a return of the items, just get another item and run it. The big thing I do when doing this kind of work is I’ll take a certain amount of money let’s say $50.00 I’ll take that and go buy some items I think I’ll double or triple my money on. You’ll get in a zone where you can spot certain items that sell better just takes time.

The last one is also another fun one. Do you like fishing? That’s right fishing can bring in the money. In some locations long as you have a fishing license and a rod with a afternoon to kill and some worms could easy catch fish. Many mom and pop restaurants or the ones that serve fresh fish daily, again this one is about showman ship. You go in there in your fishing outfit with them on a stringer talking about how much beer you had this afternoon might not look to great. Now usually with fish I’m selling catfish, trout and few other fish. Again I can’t stress the showman ship part. Also one last thing is I know everyone is looking for that next huge hustle to get them on top, if your treat people how you would want to be treated and always show respect then word gets around about just how great the work is.

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