Today we are going to look at a few website that are paying real money for really simple things many people are already doing while online. Also a few other things to keep in mind before getting started. Many of these places as I said pay real money, and with that said there are a few ways in which many of these places pay you for your time. Now with that said myself personally when I get paid from these places I already have a paypal account and card. So any site that offers me to get paid with paypal is usally how I go. This way can spend money just like any other card you might have.

Now there are many payment options on many of these sites so don’t worry if you don’t want to use PayPal. As for some of the ways you can expect to get paid. Will be sites that pay by Visa, Amazon, Bitcoin, Skrill, and these are just a few of the biggest names.

Ok now that we are past that part, let’s talk more about the things you will be doing to get money. Many of these sites offer Surveys that’s right hate to say it, but honestly, surveys are huge demand right now and while each site pays a little different for each survey, It does add up when your doing these other things. Also this is a big thing when you complete a survey and it says completed dont close out the window. Go back to the site that you have selected the survey from and wait till it shows in the chat window that youve been credited.

There are games and id like to add if you’re going to do these games make sure you read everything it is asking of you to complete the offer so your getting paid. Also, should you have any issues with the games not paying or other issues it would be good to keep track of which place you got the offer from.

Many of these sites offer videos and ads, many of which can be left to run all day and night in some cases which is great if you’re looking to earn that little extra while you sleep. I would also like to add that if you plan to do the videos that many of the sites when it opens to the paying video site it will give you an option to sign up. Which is great should you ever have an issue with the page your information on what you’ve earned is saved and can cash out to your favorite site.

Alright, so let’s talk about the sites and feel free to skip ahead at anytime to just the link for each of these sites and sign up to start making money this cost you nothing to get started. Lets begin.

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The first site we have is going to be This has to be one of my favorite sites due to the fast payouts. Once your signed up and verified payouts can be to your PayPal before you have time to refresh the screen with their instant payout option to PayPal. They also offer payouts to Bitcoin and Skrill. Also, there is an option for a daily PayPal payout which is usally sent to you within 4 to 5 hours.

When looking for ways to earn money on this site you can do surveys, games, videos, offers, and tasks. Again with the surveys make sure you leave it open on the screen and check back on the site in the chat box for it to credit before moving on to another survey. I personally like to keep a log of the survey numbers that I’m doing just in case there are any issues and it’s not the site Superpay fault on a credit issue why I say keep a log this way can summit ticket the to site offering you the survey. These things while may not happen very often, should it ever happen to you, you’ll least have a record of it and can go back.

Next site is going to be Rewardingways. This is a sister site to Superpay. And is setup somewhat the same way as far as what they offer you to do and ways of payment. So with that said same rules and information can apply to them.

Next site is going to be another sister site of Superpay and its called Offernation. Now im showing you these 3 sites first because lets be honest here you want to make money today right? Figured id get what pays daily and instant out of the way first keep in mind here when you sign up for those 3 sites that’s instant payouts to paypal that I do.

Now as far as sites that will make you money that don’t pay instant but will pay you within 3 to 5 days

First is going to have to be Grabpoints. Grabpoints has PayPal options as well as a vast number of other ways to payout. Can get visa cards, bitcoin, credits to stores and games there are really tooto many to list. As far as things to do as your gonna find out with each site its about all the same. What makes Grabpoints top of the list, is they do pay the most out of any site that is paying when it comes to things to do. This site to me is really a must can do a few things a day on top of other places listed and really see your efforts pay off. <——- LINK TO SIGN UP NOW

Next site is going to be Swagbucks. Swagbucks has been around so long its a wonder not everyone in the world is not already on it. I say this because of there awesome shopping options and toolbar which can watch what you buy online and pay you for it. <——- LINK TO SIGN UP NOW

Next is going to be Inboxdollars. While I can member as a kid this place it has still be paying people till today has a cashout of $30. Which turns some people always but let’s be real here since I’ve been a member they pay. And that’s what counts. This site offers surveys, games tasks and offers and one thing I like most is they have a get paid for email option which if you don’t get many emails it’s not bad to least get paid for it.

Next is going to be a little different than the last few. It’s rather new and starting to grow by the day. Its gonna be LooneyCash. LooneyCash is great site to get Paid To Click. Can spend a little bit of time a day here just clicking links and checking out other sites that might pay and other places online. does offer payouts to PayPal and is good at paying. <——- LINK TO SIGN UP NOW

Next is hideout tv. This site is for watching clips of videos. This is one of the sites that once your signed up on a few other sites youll notice the videos are coming from here. I made a account for this site and have it linked to a few of the sites listed awesome feature allows you to add that little extra to a site you might need to cash out on. <——- LINK TO SIGN UP NOW

Next is going to be PerkTv. PerkTv is great and offers many apps that can download to your phone or device and make money. Can have a few devices running at once with them, make sure to check rules.

Ok while I understand there are other sites that may be out there and there may even be ways to make money easier than ways being shown here. One thing I can tell you for sure is these places do pay and adding any of them to your daily ways of making money is a for sure win. If you have any other questions of ideas of sites that I should look into Please feel free to leave comments below.

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