Hello, today we are gonna talk about a few things that might be holding your plants back. When growing most plants it seems pretty straight forward. Water, nutrients, sun, and probably one of the worst is bugs and pests. But not to worry we are gonna cover a lot of that here today.

Now before we get started. You might be asking yourself why should I listen to this guy??? Good question. If you have missed any of my past posts I can understand. Lets take a look at something for a moment.

Looks good right??? So now that you’ve seen what we are talking about. Let’s start with how I start these bad boys. What I like to do is start them inside under a grow light. You can see everything I use in my grow tent here. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve started them outside too, I like starting them indoors because I feel it gives them the best start.

Now when it comes to how do I start them. Them ones you see in the photos where done with starting them in soil. Once they got so high then it is time to move them outdoors. Should keep in mind I haven’t used any nutrients at this point.

When using nutrients I like to wait till the plant is above 5 nodes. Let’s take a look at a what time in this process I’m talking about.

As you can see in these photos above. We have some really nice looking plants here. Should keep in mind these plants still need to go outside. You don’t want to just rush your plants outside if you started them inside. You will burn them and possibly kill them all together.

So with that said let’s look at how I adjust them to the sun light.

As you can see in the photo above, the plants are not in full sun. Now I happen to have my grow room just outside as you can see here and im able to run some tarps to block some of this brightness.

Now after a few days and the plants are showing sizes of new growth I will move them into the fun sun. I honestly can not stress not skipping this step if you started your plants under grow lights.

Once the plants have been adjusted to the sun and I move them into the ground it is at this point I will put the nutrients into my weekly schedule. I get asked a lot of the time from friends and family, Just what are you using to get these monsters. I live in Zone 6 looking at the map below. During the summer months it is going to get really hot. While I have also grown and lived in other places. Like growing in zones 7 and 8 it is really humid. Zones 9 and Zones 10 are gonna be the highest areas in it just being pure heat and humidity.

Knowing just how hot in your area is a good thing to keep in mind during the summer months. I’ve seen temps as high 120 really start to take its toll on plants with no shade and little water.

I can tell you first hand it for me is better to water two times during peak summer months. I like to water as the sun is going down and I happen to be a morning person and I’m able to get them watered about an hour before the sun starts to come up.

When it comes to feeding the plants I personally like to judge most of this on the plant. What I mean this is, see photo below,

As you can see this plant is showing signs of a nutrient burn. This is a good sign you are giving or have given to much nutrients (N.P.K) and it is showing on the plant. Spotting this sooner rather than later is always a plus and yes this can be fixed.

With that said there are warning signs to look out for and I’ve included another photo to show this below.

As you can see from the photo above there are many things nutrients can do for and do to your plant. Now depending on how the plant is looking I might add more of one or the other (N.P.K) as well as other things to ensure the plant is not having any issues.

Rooting agents, Cal-Mag, and microbes. Yes microbes. These little guys are awesome little workers when it comes to your plants. They are able to communicate with the plant on a level of if the plant is short on something they will make sure the plant is getting it. I personally would say you are missing out if you are not using microbes.

While there are many on the market too choose from I’ve listed a few that I’ve used personally and can tell you they are make a huge difference.

Mammoth P Microbes – 250mL with FREE Mammoth P Microbes – 60mL

GROBASICS 3-Part Kit, Quarts (32oz Bottles) | Complete Growing System | Organic Amino Acids and Microbes for Maximum Uptake

Best Plant and Root Enzymes – Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes – 7,000 Active Units of Enzyme per Milliliter. (2 Ounce)

Here are a list of nutrients that I’m using.

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula – Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom Pint Size (Pack of 3)

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each


Humboldts Secret Starter Kit – World’s Best Nutrient System: Base A & B, Golden Tree, Flower Stacker, Plant Enzymes and CalMag & Iron

Advanced Nutrients GL525450-14ABCD Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B-52, Overdrive Plant Fertilizer Booster Enhancer, 1 Liter, 1 L

Rooting agents, Ph UP & Ph Down, Cal-Mag

General Hydroponics GH1514 General Hydroponics Ph vkiuhI Control Kit (Pack of 2)

Bloom City Professional Grade Ultra Pure Cal-Mag Growing Supplement Gallon (128 oz)

Clonex Rooting Gel, Quart

Great White PRPSGW08 100049824 8 oz Mycorrhizae, 8-Ounce White

Fox Farm FX14103 752289501319 Beastie Bloomz, 6-Ounce

Fox Farm Open Sesame Soluble Jar Fertilizer, 6 oz

When it comes to how much you should use again you want to keep eye for the signs on the plant and I always just mixed as per directions on bottle.

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